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Having Marijuana During Pregnancy Elevates Risk Of Psychosis In Offspring

On the basis of a novel research conducted at the Washington University in St. Louis, cannabis consumption or inhalation during the prenatal stage is not only hazardous for women but will also elevate the risk of psychosis development in the unborn child later in life.

After referring several national studies associated with extensive marijuana consumption by pregnant women, it is identified that as compared to the Year 2002, marijuana consumption by pregnant women in the past recent month has increased by nearly 75%.

Through some scientific facts, the research validates that cannabis exposure during the prenatal stage may cause a strong impact after the fetal brain initiates the development of receptor system specifically for endocannabinoids.

Bogdan, the director of BRAIN Lab at the Washington University, said the recent research is established on the basis of previous studies signifying that endocannabinoid signaling may enhance the mechanisms, such as neural migration and neurogenesis. Both the processes play crucial roles in the timely development of the brain’s structure as well as its connections.

The significant results of the research were obtained at BRAIN Lab through analysis of data gathered from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, which has been trying to evaluate information related to brain development and health of the child by gathering the data from several sites across the nation. The recent study concluded the results based on the information collected through the survey done by the ABCD study. The survey comprised replies from 3,774 mothers about cannabis consumption during 3,926 pregnancies in the three-year period from 2005 to 2008. A few years back, psychosis risk has been measured through a questionnaire among the 4,361 children, who were born from the pregnancies in the tenure of three years and have reached the age of 8 to 11 Years.

According to the information received through the questionnaire, around 4.6%, that is 201 of 4,361 children were exposed to marijuana during their fetal stage only and among them, 63 are associated with the developing problem of psychosis.

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